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Should You Use PVC Decking Outdoor at Hot Summer?

March 12, 2024

You may want to add to your outdoor decor for many reasons, such as comfort, or to improve outdoor living spaces. For some, a new outdoor deck is the perfect space to enjoy the good life and invite friends over. But there is a common thought when people buy an outdoor PVC decking, that is, will it get too hot in the summer when the sun is in direct sunlight?


Of course, similar to many other outdoor decorative materials, PVC outdoor decking expands and contract in response to temperature fluctuations. PVC decking can expand at high temperatures and contract at low temperatures. Therefore, it is crucial to leave the right gaps for expansion and contraction of the PVC decking during installation. At the same time, PVC decking will also absorb heat according to the depth of color of the decking, especially the darker color of the decking, long time exposure to ultraviolet light will absorb heat. In extreme heat, the surface of the decking may even become too hot to walk. But there are many PVC decking products that incorporate heat reflection technology on the decking surface. Therefore, high standard PVC decking will have this design, so that it can keep the decking area cool in summer.


PVC outdoor decking can get really hot in the sun, but that doesn't mean you can't avoid it. Even in the heat of summer, there are plenty of ways to keep your decking comfy and cool. If you want to keep your decking cool in the summer, you can add more shade to your decking. For example, you can use a parasol to protect yourself from the sun. Alternatively, you can plant shade trees in your garden. Not only does it protect you from the sun, it also cools the air by absorbing carbon. If it gets too hot, take out a fan or two to cool your decking. You can also try using a spray fan, which is a fan that jets cool water as it spins.


In addition to the factors affected by the temperature, the use of PVC outdoor decking is still a good decision. It has many advantages over wooden decking. It's more durable, won't crack, lasts longer, and requires less routine maintenance. It can also provide a richer color, whether it is a classic wood color or a fresh and elegant macarons tone. We can debug all these colors. In the long run, PVC outdoor decking is more cost-effective. Of course, for the best results, use high quality products.


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