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A Comparison Between PVC Decking and Others Types Decking

March 12, 2024

While wood has traditionally been the most common decorative material, alternatives to wood composites and PVC materials have become increasingly popular in recent years. Customers can easily see their appeal. And because of their material properties they offer advantages such as longer life and lower routine maintenance. When maintenance costs are taken into account, they are actually better value for money over time than using wood. Of course, different materials are suitable for different situations. But what is PVC decking, and how does it compare to composite and wood decking? Answering these questions is an important step in deciding which decoration materials are best for you.


PVC decking outdoor is made of polyvinyl chloride, a high-strength plastic. Like composites, PVC decking offers similar advantages to composites to customers, so PVC decking is also scratch resistant, stain resistant, and does not require as high maintenance as wood. At the same time, its color and texture are more diverse.


When comparing composite and PVC decking, their main difference is the appearance. Composite decking is more like natural wood. In contrast, PVC decking has a more pronounced synthetic appearance. However, there are actually plenty of other differences between the two materials worth noting.


Both composite and PVC decking can be made from recycled materials. As a pure synthetic material, PVC is fully recyclable. However, composites are usually constructed from a mixture of plastic fibers and wood fibers that are mixed together by heating and pressure during co-extrusion. As a result, some composites made using this method may not be recyclable. Therefore, from the point of view of environmental protection, PVC decking is more eco-friendly.


The life of the decking will depend on the quality of the material and the basic manufacturing process employed. If you are looking for products with excellent extended warranties, you will find that most PVC decking has a lifespan of around 25-40 years. Both types of products offer a longer lasting warranty than wood, so choosing decking of different materials is one of the most important considerations when choosing outdoor decking finish.

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