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What’s the difference between the pvc and composite decking outdoor

March 18, 2024

If you want to add a deck to your patio or garden, you may not know what material to choose to design your deck. Starting a new deck can be difficult, from design to materials. However, construction technology has come a long way and wood is no longer the only material you can choose. PVC and composite decking materials are two popular choices for modern decks. We'll cover how they differ, how they can benefit you, and the cost of PVC versus composite trim in this comprehensive article. Learn more about these materials so you can start ordering your new deck soon.


The main difference between composite and PVC decking is their raw material. PVC decking uses pure PVC material, it does not add the slightest wood powder inside. However, laminate decking is a mixture of plastic and wood fiber.


So before choosing a new decorative material, you need to evaluate all the options. The right decking materials can enhance your home's happiness of life index and increase the strength and durability of the decking.


While they have different advantages, PVC and composite decking are both: They are all durable, low maintenance, scratch-resistant, moisture-resistant and insect-resistant.


Another benefit of pvc is that it is recyclable. pvc is usually made from already recycled materials, and when it reaches the end of its useful life, it can be recycled into new materials. This makes pvc more environmentally friendly than other decorative materials. Capped pvc looks even more stylish - you can buy it in dozens of colors to match any color scheme you want. Since pvc is 100% synthetic, it won't mold, rot, or scratch like wood. It also does not need to be repaired and polished regularly like natural wood. Therefore, this is a low-maintenance option for any decking. One potential downside, however, is price. pvc is usually a little more expensive than composite decking, so you'll need a higher budget to build a pvc deck. But in terms of long-term value, the durability and low maintenance of pvc decking is undoubtedly the most cost-effective choice at present.

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