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Airui High Cost-Effective PVC Decking Outdoor

March 25, 2024

PVC and composite decking are rapidly become popular options for outdoor decking. There are many good reasons for their growing popularity. The advantages are as follows:


PVC materials are more durable than wood and often last several times longer than wood. They are very resistant to insects. You don't have to worry about termites or other wood-boring pests invading and compromising your deck safety. These PVC materials are also resistant to moisture, mold and mildew. These nasty moulds are not only unattractive but they can also damage structural integrity, requiring frequent replacement if wood is used, which PVC outdoor decking does not. In addition, these PVC materials are less prone to wear and tear than wood, including scratches from shoes and furniture and claw marks from small furry animals in your home.


Finally, PVC material is more fireproof than wood. Deck fires are common, such as embers being blown by the wind or sparks from a grill getting out of control and landing on the decking. While wood substitutes are also subject to heat damage at very high temperatures, they are more fire-resistant than regular wood. Although the engineered deck is heat resistant, it is still susceptible to thermal damage at extreme temperatures. We do not recommend placing wood-burning fireplaces, pits, or stoves on any deck. The high heat from these types of sources can cause the material to fail.


PVC materials are also resistant to fading, which means they will not be subjected to climate change and lose color like wood and wood stains. Therefore, the color you buy is the color you will use for life. When it comes to color, the PVC material is available in a variety of colors with aesthetically appealing styles, with detailed notches that mimic the appearance and texture of natural wood. Year after year, the Airui PVC outdoor decking manufacturer delivers more beautiful planks that look natural and elegant. There's even a choice of hidden fasteners for a clean, refined look.


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